Babakieuria and Chapter Surprises (3&4)

I’ll start with my thought on the Babakieuria video. Initially I thought it was hilarious, I was laughing at the ridiculous things the news reporter was saying. I recalled a movie I had seen about Aborigines and the discrimination they went through for many years in Australia, at this moment I began to really understand what was happening in the Babakieuria video. I’m sure most of us watching that video thought to ourselves “this is weird” or “How ridiculous is this?” or “How can someone think like that? I would never and just don’t understand”. All these things are things we’ve played into ourselves without realizing it. This video helped me realize I need to be more aware of my communication with other cultures.
In Chapter three I was surprised by the Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Model and the basis of having communication with strangers. I was surprised because of the many variables that are included in AUM model but also how its very relatable to people nowadays.
In Chapter four I was surprised by the five potential hubs of meaning and of the extent to which people produce culture as they communicate. Being, relating, acting, feeling and dwelling would have never entered my mind of a way we produce a culture through communication.

Me and Chapter 1 & 2.

I’ll start with introducing myself…

Hi! My name is Cristina Soto but everyone calls me Tina. I’m in the end of my sophomore year at UVU and I’m loving it so for. I am from San Diego, Ca and proud to call it home. Utah is serving me well though for now. I’m excited for this class because I am excited to grow and be strengthened as a person from what I’ll learn.
On that note, these first two chapters already hit me with things I didn’t know before. The term in the title of the book, inter/cultural communication, was something I was immediately confused on. Just grasping the idea that our conversations involve culture and intercultural communication was something I hadn’t done.
The Intercultural Imperatives was very interesting to learn about because there are so many motivations people can have to allow themselves to be open to or accommodate other cultures.
Lastly these chapters helped me realize that there was more kinds of cultures in the world than ones that have to do with just race and ethnicity. That alone allowed the learning road to broaden for me.